Error starting "XAMPP" stack

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I updated Big Sur to 11.3 and now I got this message while trying to start xamp 7.4.16 VM:
cannot calculate MAC address: hv_vm_create unknown error -85377023
I already tried to fix with qemu-img check etc but it doesn’t fix anything
Any help ?
My MacBook is an Intel one (2015)

Hi @pernould,

You need to remove the hyperkit binary and update it with the one in the latest version of the XAMPP solution. You can follow the steps in this post (but download XAMPP instead of WordPress)

Happy to help!

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thanks for your reply but it wasn’t helpful…

Hi @pernould,

We worked on reproducing the issue and the team is currently working on finding a solution. We will update this thread once we have more information.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi @pernould,

We just uploaded a testing file to fix this problem when starting the Bitnami OS X VMs. Please take a look at the information in this other post.

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