Error starting "Trac" stack: cannot calculate MAC address: hv_vm_create unknown error -85377023

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Today Mac had an update for XCode. After installation and re-boot I now get the abive error.
I saw similar errors for WordPress, but since I use Trac I am not sure how they apply.
If I have to re-install Trac I can do that as long as I don’t lose my current Trac database…

Just an add-on.
I tried to run the Bitnami support tool, but it wants a folder where the application is installed. is installed under Applications, but not a folder, so it doesn’t let me access it.

And some more:
I found an article that asked to fix the file with QEMU. I did that and it eliminated a lot of errors.
SAME error when I tried.
Then I used time machine and rolled back to a version of .bitnami from yesterday, when it worked:
SAME error.

Could it be that is is because of a Mac Update? I thought it only updated XCode command line to 12.5, but it also updated my Mac to macOS 11.3… I wonder …

I have the same problem, with a different stack (redmine). It occurred after upgrading to macOS 11.3. I have an intel-based Mac 16’’ (2019).

I also followed the steps on this support page (Problem when starting bitnami Wordpress application) to no avail.

It gets weirder:
I made a copy of the folder .bitnami, then deleted it, and then downloaded the latest bitnami Trac installer for Mac OS: bitnami-trac-1.4.2-2-osx-x86_64-vm.dmg.
I installed it and started it:

Q: Is there at least a way I can get to the contents of the VM and get my trac database out?

Hello @klaus.scharpf, @jovubeliveus,

Thanks for using Bitnami! It seems this may be related to a missing entitlement for the qemu binary, which can be solved by applying it as explained here:

I found an article that asked to fix the file with QEMU. I did that and it eliminated a lot of errors.

Could you please share with us the steps you followed for this? We would work on reproducing this and share with you news as soon as possible.

Francisco de Paz

Did the fix as described. Problem stays the same…

Hello @klaus.scharpf, @jovubeliveus,

We worked on reproducing the issue and the team is currently working on finding a solution. We will update this thread once we have more information.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Same here, no difference.

Thank you so much! I learned that Apple fixed a loophole in the quarantine and sandboxing security mechanism in release 11.3 of macOS and wonder if could be one reason for the problem? A description of that issue is given at

Best wishes, Jörn

Also having this issue, ugh.

Is there another way to get access to the Wordpress project I was working on? It’s for a client

Hi everyone,

We just uploaded a testing file to fix this problem when starting the Bitnami OS X VMs. Please take a look at the information in this other post.

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Thanks, this helped a lot.
I was able to mount it and start it.
I pulled Trac db off Bitnami, but for some reason the database had been corrupted.
I finally figured out how to run Trac locally without Bitnami, and that’s what I will do from now on.

Thanks a lot for your support, this helped for me as well!

Best wishes and thanks for the great work!