Error Message: Error starting "WordPress" stack

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Using WordPress locally on my mac but after updating to macOS 13.3 from 13.1 it won’t start anymore with this error message:

Error starting “WordPress” stack
cannot calculate MAC address: hv_vm_create unknown error -85377023

Tried to google the error message but could not really do anything with the suggestions to solve the problem. Not an expert here… maybe someone can help here?


Hi @marc.kromer,

Thanks for using Bitnami. Can you give us more information about your computer? As far as I know, mac OS Big Sur version is 11.x, can you tell us which OS X version are you using with 13.x? I can’t find any reference to this.

Can you also send us the output of following the steps described in the next post? It will help you to check if there is any error in the installation

Hi @gongomgra

Thank you for the reply!

I am sorry – I meant macOS 11.3 and 11.1 – that was a mixup with the numbers. It’s the latest update from macOS that came out the other day.

Followed the described steps from the post, but it did not help. Same error message coming up again when starting WordPress app.

130672 errors were found on the image.
Data may be corrupted, or further writes to the image may corrupt it.
65319/244141 = 26.75% allocated, 2.25% fragmented, 0.00% compressed clusters
Image end offset: 4281991168


Hi @marc.kromer,

Thanks for your message. We worked on reproducing the issue and the team is currently working on finding a solution. We will update this thread once we have more information.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Hi everyone,

We just uploaded a testing file to fix this problem when starting the Bitnami OS X VMs. Please take a look at the information in this other post.

could not get anything back working again so I uninstalled everything and installed the latest version again, but unfortunately now I get this error message here:

cannot calculate MAC address: Using fd 7 for I/O notifications
hv_vm_create HV_ERROR (unspecified error)

No idea what this means now…


Hello. Its my first time installing wordpress locally in my Mac but it wont start.

Error staring “WordPress” stack
cannot calculate MAC address: dyld: lazy symbol binding failed: Symbol not found: _clock_gettime

Not an expert here. Hope someone can guide me step by step. Thank you!

Hi @paulodominic,

Thank for using Bitnami. Can you open a new thread in our forum with more information about your issue? Which OS X version are you using, which Bitnami stack and version, what are your machine specs? Our team is actively monitoring the forum and will be glad to help you.

@marc.kromer can you give us some more information? Which step in the guide I shared from Jota didn’t work? The OS X VM published in our website is not shipping the new hyperkit binary solving the issue. Can you run the qemu commands in my first post again to find and fix the errors in the virtual-machine file?

Hi again @marc.kromer,

We released WordPress version 5.7.1-1 with the fixed binary. Can you check this is the version you are trying to install?

could not get anything back working again so I uninstalled everything and installed the latest version again,

Can you give us more information on what do you mean with “I uninstalled everything”?

Also please give the qemu commands a try