ERROR:'LEADER NOT AVAILABLE' Kafka Producer with SASL_TLS- Kafka chart 11.1.2

Keywords: Kafka - Microsoft Azure - Technical issue - Secure Connections (SSL/HTTPS)
I am using bitnami kafka helm chart version 5.16.0, I have installed kafka with below configuration

helm upgrade --install kafka ./kafka --namespace kafka
–set replicaCount=3
–set-string auth.clientProtocol=sasl_tls
–set-string auth.interBrokerProtocol=sasl_tls
–set-string auth.jksSecret=kafka-jks
–set-string auth.jksPassword=“passjks”
–set-string auth.jaas.clientUser=brokerUser
–set-string auth.jaas.clientPassword=brokerPassword
–set-string auth.jaas.zookeeperUser=zookeeperUser
–set-string auth.jaas.zookeeperPassword=zookeeperPassword
–set zookeeper.auth.enabled=true
–set-string zookeeper.auth.serverUsers=zookeeperUser
–set-string zookeeper.auth.serverPasswords=zookeeperPassword
–set-string zookeeper.auth.clientUser=zookeeperUser
–set-string zookeeper.auth.clientPassword=zookeeperPassword
–set externalAccess.enabled=true
–set externalAccess.service.type=LoadBalancer
–set externalAccess.service.port=9094
–set externalAccess.autoDiscovery.enabled=true
–set serviceAccount.create=true
–set rbac.create=true
–set allowPlaintextListener=true

I am able to create the topic successfully but while sending the message to topic via producer we are getting below error

WARN [Producer clientId=console-producer] Error while fetching metadata with correlation id 82 : {topic3=LEADER_NOT_AVAILABLE} (org.apache.kafka.clients.NetworkClient)
ssl.truststore.location=/path to trust store/kafka.truststore.jks

KafkaClient { required

export KAFKA_OPTS=" to kafka jks/kafka_jaas.conf";

below is command we are using to send the message from the client machine
./bin/ --broker-list,, --topic topic3 --producer.config ./config/

Note: broker pods and zookeeper are up and running with SASL_TLS
I am successfully able to send and receive the message when protocol is plaintext but it fails for SASL_TLS

We have verified auth credentials and truststore certificate.
please help us here.

Hi @jadhavnaren,

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