Error establishing a database connection WordPress Multisite 5.7.2-0

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I’m running a Bitnami WordPress Multisite 5.7.2-0 stack and recently I’m not able to access the site. All pages give me “Error establishing a database connection”. I’ve attempted to restart my AWS EC2 instance and restart the Bitnami services, all with no effect.

bndiagnoistc tool shows that mariadb has no issues.

You can close this support ticket. Since the website is still in the early stages of being set up, we’re just going to delete the server and start from scratch.

Hi @robert,

I couldn’t review the MariaDB logs because the Bitnami Support tool didn’t get that info. I’ll review the tool to ensure this problem is fixed in the future.

It seems that the database was not running at that time and that’s why you were getting that error.

If you didn’t stop the machine, can you run this command to get the database status and start it if stopped?

sudo /opt/bitnami/ status
sudo /opt/bitnami/ start

Hey. Unfortunately, we already stopped the machine. I do remember looking through the MariaDB logs and not seeing any Error messages. I’m also 90% certain that all bitnami services were running but I’ve been 90% certain about a lot of untrue things recently. Regardless, I just had this same issue on another server and, it turned out MariaDB was indeed off, so this was probably my issue on the server we discarded. Thanks for all your help!

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