Error establishing a database connection [ERROR] [MY-013183]

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bnsupport ID: 38abaf5a-981e-f0ac-b65a-bebffc51f30b
Dear Community Members,

I am trying to debug this issue since yesterday. I followed all the steps that previous members have raised, but I still have no luck fixing this issue. MySQL will not start. I have generated the backup copy of the whole application as well as SQL.

2021-06-08T14:02:50.336455Z 1 [ERROR] [MY-013183] [InnoDB] Assertion failure: fi                             == (file->size * phy_page_size) thread 140471145727                                      744

My support ID from bnsupport tool: 38abaf5a-981e-f0ac-b65a-bebffc51f30b

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hello @shah0150,

As per the logs, it seems to me that your DB is affected by several errors: wrong tables, possible corruption db corruption & illogical allocation of memory.

I would recommend the following:

  1. We have a guide that covers how to recover a MySQL/MariaDB db, which also deals with table reparation. You may try to follow the guide and see if it does address your issue:
  2. In case the previous suggestion doesn’t work, the log points to an official Innodb-Recovery guide. This guide goes through the different innodb_force_recovery values you may set and what they mean. I’d follow this guide and see if the db is able to start:
  3. Lastly, if the aforementioned still doesn’t work, you may take a look at the official guide that covers crashes, as stated in the log:

Apart from that, I can see you are running almost out of space:

Display amount of free and used memory in the system
Running: free -m
In: /opt/bitnami


              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:            983         347          63          31         573         444
Swap:           634           3         631

You could try to increase your machine type if you face performance issues. This guide explains the process

Let me share with you our troubleshooting documentation:

We also have a guide to optimize Wordpress:

Thanks, @davidg! I will try to debug the issue with what you have recommended.