Error establishing a database connection - Disk space issue

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I restarted my Azure VM that my wordpress site runs on, and now I am getting the “Error establishing a database connection” error. I ran the support tool, and here is the ticket I got:


I have tried running /opt/bitnami/ restart, but mysql never starts.

I looked at the logs, and it says that my disk is out of space (error 28). When I ran df -h, /dev/sda1 was at a use % of 100, and it’s size is 30G. I am assuming I need to increase that, but I can’t figure out how. My disk size in Azure is 512g, so that shouldn’t be the issue.

Ah, looks like it was using the OS disk and wasn’t taking into account my data disk. I upsized the OS Disk, and that fixed it! Is there a way to add that data disk into bitnami so I can use that as storage as well or is that even possible?

Hi @jacobfiggins1,

Thanks for using Bitnami. I’m glad you fixed your issue by increasing the disk size. Can you give us more details on your current configuration and the expected status so we can try to help you?


Thanks for your reply! ! Here is a screenshot of my disk setup on my VM in azure running the bitnami wordpress server. Screenshot 2021-06-08 095233|690x232 It is only recognizing and using the OS Disk (red), and I would like for it to use the data disk (blue) as well, is that possible?

Hi @jacobfiggins1,

Unfortunately, the image link is returning a 404 code. Can you upload it again?

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