Error downloading image from resourcespace

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I have a fresh install of Resourcespace. So far everything seems to work except when I try to download an image from a collection. I keep getting the error:

Sorry and error has occurred.
/opt/bitnami/apps/resourcespace/htdocs/plugins/image_text/hooks/download.php line 15: mb_convert_encoding(): Unable to create character encoding converter

I’ve searched the forum but haven’t found any issues similar to this. Any help would be appreciated.



I was unable to reproduce the issue. I could download an image without problems.

Does the same issue happen with a fresh instance. Could you detail a minimal set of steps that trigger the issue?

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Thanks for the quick response. This is a fresh instance, but I believe I have located the issue. I had enabled the, “image_text” plugin, the day before, but I had forgot about that (must be getting oldsheimer). Sorry, normally I would have went back and disabled the plugin. Anyway, when I disabled the plugin, I was able to download the image without error.

Thanks for looking into this.


Perfect @brian.scarborough,

Thanks for letting us know. Enjoy :slight_smile:

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