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Hello, I am new in the community and to the topic.
Since few days I have been having issues in accessing my local website - cannot establish a connection at all via log in page. After reading few other similar posts, I can see that there is a problem in mysqld access. In the log file I get these two following lines (after saying the X plugin ready) which are not present in the previous logins done before the problem appeared:
Starting XA crash recovery
XA crash recovery finished

Could you please help me? Many thanks

Hi @jessicasforzini,

It seems due to low memory or disk space issues. Can you check the available resources of your machine?


Hello, thanks for the reply. Yes I have cleaned up the disk and also increased the memory but still nothing, actually it stopped working suddenly from one day to the other. What I can see strange is that I cannot make wordpressmySql running - it starts but then stops. Any hint?

Hi @jessicasforzini,

Let’s get updated information from your machine. First of all, let’s try to start the database manually. Can you open the Bitnami console and run this command?

C:/Program Files/Bitnami/mysql/bin\mysqld.exe "--defaults-file=C:/Program Files/Bitnami/mysql\my.ini"

Does it return any error? Can you run the Bitnami support tool after trying to start the database?

Please note that you need to paste the code ID that is shown at the end.

Hi Jota,

it doesnt recognize the command as it is now when I write it in the Bitnami stack environment…sorry I am not really an expert…

so it says error: unknown variable.
The code: 1cb379fb-89b2-1b41-1790-8cd29706960c


Hi @jessicasforzini,

You probably need to use double quotes when running the command, can you try this one?

"C:/Program Files/Bitnami/mysql/bin\mysqld.exe" "--defaults-file=C:/Program Files/Bitnami/mysql\my.ini"

Hi, I have tried but it doesnt react. No error or anything, it looks running but no feedback. The console gets frozen…

Hi @jessicasforzini,

That’s good news! If you do not get any error is because the database was started. Can you try to access WordPress after running the command and confirming that the application works properly?

After that, you will need to abort the database’s process (Ctrl+C) and try to start it using the Bitnami Manager tool.

Can you access the WordPress application now?


yes it works, thanks a lot!

Great @jessicasforzini! :tada:

Enjoy! :slight_smile: