ERROR 200 and Does not display the work

Hi, I installed version 3.5.1 of Process Maker software, but I have some bugs

  1. When I click on the tracking card, a code error of 200 is given.
  2. Although I do all the steps correctly and the system informs me that my process has gone to the next step, ie the administrator card, when I enter the administrator card, nothing is seen.

Hi @infosoftware22,

Thank you for using Bitnami. Can you check if there is any error in the Apache’s log?

I understand this is an app-specific error so I suggest you ask the developers of the application to obtain more information about it. If you need any help to obtain more information about the error, please let us know.


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Hi @infosoftware22,

As I just mentioned here, we just released a new revision of the solution that fixes the error when accessing the Participated view.

If you still get errors when using the app, please let us know so we can work on fixing those errors as well.