Enable ssl (https) for port 8000 (other than 80)

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I have an index.html file in my document root running as my web frontend which is dependant on a backend API is served at port 8000 on the same server. After configuring with bncert-tool, My frontend HTTP://mydomain.org.np is properly redirected to HTTPS. But the server is still not secure and only works on HTTP://mydomain.org.np.

What are the steps to getting a secure port system?

Hello @72bct627,

Could you please take a look at this previous case?


thank you for your reply @davidg. IMO the problem is little bit different. I’m trying to access my backend on port 8000 and frontend is on default 80.
After configuring with bncert-tool, mydomain.org.np successfully redirects to https but still mydomain.org.np:8000 does not work with https. I have to request on HTTP: endpoint for backend service and the browser does not allow requesting to HTTP from HTTPS setup.

code generated by my support tool: 8952183b-2cba-b934-d1be-e5abeffa87fe

Hi @72bct627,

Since this is a technical issue, could you please open a new ticket as Technical Issue instead of How To:

Screenshot 2021-07-16 at 10.05.30

You can share the same support ID and refers to the case there.


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