Enable ssl for PostgreSQL Certified by Bitnami ami

Keywords: PostgreSQL - AWS - How to - Secure Connections (SSL/HTTPS)
I am using PostgreSQL Certified by Bitnami ami from aws marketplace, I want to enable ssl on this db machine please suggest how can i do the same?

Hi @chetan1,

Do you already have some certificates or do you want to generate a Let’s Encrypt certificate for this? Please note that you need some certificates to configure SSL in the database (SSL section in the /opt/bitnami/postgresql/conf/postgresql.conf)

# - SSL -

#ssl = off
#ssl_ca_file = ''
#ssl_cert_file = 'server.crt'
#ssl_crl_file = ''
#ssl_key_file = 'server.key'
#ssl_ciphers = 'HIGH:MEDIUM:+3DES:!aNULL' # allowed SSL ciphers
#ssl_prefer_server_ciphers = on
#ssl_ecdh_curve = 'prime256v1'
#ssl_min_protocol_version = 'TLSv1'
#ssl_max_protocol_version = ''
#ssl_dh_params_file = ''
#ssl_passphrase_command = ''
#ssl_passphrase_command_supports_reload = off

Hi @jota,

Thanks for your reply, I completed the exercise using openssl.

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