Email notifications do not work

Keywords: Redmine - Installers - Technical issue - Email configuration (SMTP)

bndiagnostic ID: df825a64-1c62-3255-a994-fda60866af26

I have setup smtp configuration in configuation.yml and tested it using the test email button provided under email notifications. Emails are successfully sent in this test.
However when I actually add or update an issue … oemail is only successfully sent to users that are directly served by the csame smtp provider as confgiured . Emails to a gmail user or localhost users fail. Tis is despite the fact that the test email was succeddully sent to a gmail user.
I do not know ehre to start debugging this issue. Kindly help-.

Hi @prati.sethi ,

Thanks for using Bitnami. It looks like your issue is more related with the application itself than with the Bitnami installation. Can you open a new question in the official Redmine forums? There you will find help from the Redmine developers and its official community, where you may find someone with more knowledge on how to debug and fix this issue than we can provide.

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