Elk AMI in AWS China

Type: Suggestion

My company is spinning up some infra in AWS China. We use the bitnami image in the rest of our infra but it appears that there isnt an AMI for bitnami elk in AWS China. Would it be possible to get this? I have also tried to import the OVA and convert it to an AMI but get the following error: “ClientError: Disk validation failed [Unsupported OVA format]” Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @kyle.rockwell,

You can launch the Bitnami ELK solution in the Hong Kong region either using the AWS Marketplace or the Bitnami community images in the AWS Console


In case you have any other questions, please create a new issue in the Bitnami VMs repository. More information here.

I need it in China (Beijing) cn-north-1. it is a totally separate amazon aws. accessed from amazonaws.cn

Hi @kyle.rockwell ,

I’m sorry but that region is not supported. You will need to launch the instance in a different one.