Drupal stack: PHP GD with WebP support?

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How can we have GD with WebP support in the Drupal stack?

Hi @introfini,

Can you check the next post?

Hi @gongomgra,

Yes, I’ve tried that but that’s not the same, it’s not GD, it’s ImageMagick. The Drupal modules for WebP all rely on GD.

Hi @introfini,

Another user requested the same and we created an internal task to work on it. I just increased the priority of that task but I can’t provide you with an ETA

Gd library webp support

Hi @jota,

Thanks for the support!


this task is done?
now gd supported webp?


Hi @dilaver.sinan,

It depends on the application but most of the Bitnami solutions should have the WebP support enabled by default. I just launched a Bitnami Drupal cloud instance and confirmed that this is included


Are you using any other Bitnami solution?

sorry my question this topic lasly you said we will add?

now added opencart stack?


Hi @dilaver.sinan,

Yes, the latest version of the Bitnami OpenCart VMs and Cloud images include WebP support.

Happy to help!

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