Download old version of Tomcat Stack (7.0.42)

I would like to use the TomEE drop-in .war for Tomcat to add JavaEE support to the stack but the current version of TomEE doesn’t support Tomcat 7.0.50. Are there older versions (7.0.42) available?

Hi @wolmar

Where do you need to install the stack: Linux x86, Linux x64, OSX-x64 or Windows?.

I’ll be waiting your feedback to restore a link to the specific version :smiley:

Best regards!

OSX-x64 is where I need to install the stack. Thanks!

Hi @wolmar

here you have the link to the requested stack:

md5: 3bebd0f3ea58d2fecbc1acb918ddbee9
sha1: 0c56e2244957df8968f60e78cbbef3dab654aa91

Best regards!

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Thank you kindly for a prompt response! :slight_smile:

Hello cristian

I am looking for the Binami Tomcat Stack (7.0.42) for Windows 7 64bit.

Best regards!

Hi @eboy2000

here you have:


md5: 6f6408e667626d705b6c1e2742d8bd4b
sha1: b3aa4d1a76faa18dc42e4e653599d07f8968691e

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Thank you very much cristian!

Any chances to get an older version of tomcat? like version 6.

Hi @gaboluna,

Yes, it is possible. Which version and platform do you need?

Yes, any of the range of the version 6.

Or if you have a higher version 5.

Hi @gaboluna

you are able to download Tomcat 6.0.41 if you go to this link:

Does it work for you?

Version 6.0.39, do you have it?

Hi @gaboluna,

what platform do you have?

Hi, I need it for Linux.

Hi @gaboluna

You can download from here:

md5: ad2a472bb92b179ae4baae1ffc9292f7


Hi again:

Theres a tomcat 5 package? for Windows?

hi @gaboluna,

Sorry but we don’t provide any stack with Tomcat 5. You can check the version that we provide using the following link