Download link to Windows Installer 2.5.0


due to an OpenSSL conflict with our SVN server i can’t use the actual version 2.5.2 (Get Error during connecting to SVN thru review board - SSL disabled due to library version mismatch). Can someone please post the link for the older version 2.5.0?


PS: Is there a page or website that lists older Bitnami installer versions?


Here there are:

You can also update OpenSSL your SVN server. OpenSSL had an important security issue which was fixed in the latest version.

No, we don’t only update versions because new releases. We also add new fixes for security issues or components updates so we aren’t used to keeping older installer versions.

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I am having the same issue.

I tried downloading the previous version with the URLs above, but they do not work.

Would it be possible to update the URLs so that we can download version 2.5.0?


Hi @xav,

Please find below the download links to the required Review Board installers version 2.5. Please note that this version is a bit old and that since it was published there have been some major changes and security fixes in the stack.

You can find more information about changes in the Review Board stack at


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