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I’m in desperate need of Ruby version 2.4.0 for Windows. This is kind of urgent. The project I’m currently working on has lots of dependencies. Current version 2.3.4-5 does not fit.
Was trying to find and use 2.4.1-1, looked everywhere, but no links to.
If you read it contains “Bitnami RubyStack Stack 2.4.1-1” everywhere though.

Can someone help me please?

Hi @unostar,

The latest Windows version for Rubystack is 2.3.4-5. The newer version appears in the README because it is published for macOS and Linux.

Best regards,

Never mind. I lost the contract because I was not able to deliver in time. I needed >=2.4.0, not the latest one.

Hi @unostar,

Very sorry to hear that. The versions shown on the website are the latest available for each platform individually.