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We just updated our LightSail website to use SSL and provided the DOMAIN name to LetsEncrypt. We have a contractor that used the IP address for some scripts. Do I need to go back into LetsEncrypt and add and IP to the certificates?

Hi @dkardell,

You can’t generate a SSL certificate for an IP, you always need to use a domain name to generate it. In your case, the script the contractor uses will need to be updated with the domain name of your site so it doesn’t return security-related errors when accessing your site.

Note: If the script is only used to access the instance using a SSH connection and doesn’t perform any query to the web site, it won’t be needed to be modified.

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Thanks!! I will have them redeploy with the domain name port. If I wanted to include subdomains, do I redo the process or do I have to “uninstall” certs?

Thanks… any thoughts as to why this is failing?



Hi @dkardell,

I do not get that error when accessing the site using my browser. I took a look at the SSL certificate information and it’s valid as you can see in this screenshot

Ahhh yes… I fixed the nodeJS running on 8080 as it was not an http server. Added https and now working… Thank you so much! My first experience with Bitnami. 40 years development and been a ubuntu guy… Love what Bitnami does and digging deeper into it.



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