Does bitnami redmine has [Apache Log4j Security Vulnerabilities] problem?

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Apache Log4j Security Vulnerabilities must resolved soon by my company policy.
i have used bitnami redmine to create the little bug report system in my company,
I search the mod of the system and not found log4j.
I want to know if the bitnami redmine has the Apache Log4j Security Vulnerabilitie problem.
if has the problem ,how can i resolve it soon.

Hi @chinatimeover,

Redmine is a Ruby application and does not include the Java component necessary to run Log4j. We can confirm we do not include this component by default in our solution so you can safely use Bitnami Redmine.

Happy to help!

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thank you for you reply.

but i have some doubt,i search the keyword log4 and find log4perl,
and i want to know whether log4perl also no problem

Hi @chinatimeover,

That component is not affected by the vulnerability

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thank u very’ve been so helpful.

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