Documentation error - Configure and use Varnish(TM)

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This is an update request for your documentation team.

Within the document (‘Configure and use Varnish ™’) -

  1. Within the section ‘Modify the default Varnish™ and Apache ports’, it states:

`The Varnish™ configuration file at /opt/bitnami/varnish/etc/varnish/APPNAME.vcl contains the port that Apache is listening on. Update it to reflect the new Apache port (81):

NOTE: Replace the APPNAME.vcl placeholder with the appropriate value for the Varnish(TM) configuration file name.`

You need to separate this instruction between Approach A and Approach B because in Approach A (system packages) this file is called ‘default.vcl’

  1. The final instruction of this section states;

- Restart the servers. sudo /opt/bitnami/ restart varnish

You need to add apache to this instruction which was also stopped to perform the amendments.

Hi @steve12,

Thank you for notifying us. Our documentation team will change it as soon as possible.


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