Do not run composer as root/super user see https // for details magento 2

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I get this warning “do not run composer as root/super user see https // for details magento 2”
trying to run an extension using composer. It just download extension without asking for my Magento keys.
I have search for solution on GitHub and stack overflow but I was not able to resolve it

Hello @interiorsnaija2,

Thanks for using our Magento solution! As you said, composer is only giving you a warning and it shouldn’t prevent composer’s normal behavior. Normally, it is recommended to not use sudo as there is normally no need permissions-wise. In this case, given our configuration, the use of sudo is necessary. Besides the warning, were you able to install the extension?

Francisco de Paz

I only saw the extensions downloaded in file folders in the /vendor directory. When I did upgrade ,it was not installed

Hello @jeremiahokpegba,

You seem to be having problems installing a Magento extension, which looks like a different error to the one shared by @interiorsnaija2 (only a warning at download time). Could you please open a new thread so we maintain a 1 problem = 1 issue relation? This will also help other users to find the solution to similar problems faster.

Francisco de Paz

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