Disk space is increasing dramatically

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Hi , my disk space is increased from 22G to 42 G in one month /Wordpress

Sorry there is a mistake, the file size is 27G.

I have turned off the log .

Mysql takes up 19G

WP-option takes up 12G , how do I reduce the size ?

Hello @robertwangca,

There have been user’s reports in this in the past in it was usually related to a misbehaving plugin that was saving a lot of unnecessary data onto the database. Could you please take a look at this other thread and check whether your issue is related:

Thanks , I will look into it .

I am able to find the biggest file .

When I execute

DELETE FROM options WHERE option_name = '_transient_feed_3a39ef5d0240c40133252ada9b3c6e81 ’

Nothing happened.

Hi @robertwangca,

I recommend disabling all plugins and then try to delete it. But please also create a backup.


wp plugin deactivate --all


Thanks, it worked, I just need to wait for a few hours. the size was reduced to a few hundres MB.