Discourse Update Leaves Blank Screen


I upgraded my Azure instance of Discourse following the instructions to keep in sync with Git. Everything looked fine in the process, although after completing everything and checking the page, nothing is appearing or loading. I looked up a few things and saw that it may be because docker needs to be updated. I attempted to go to /var/docker and do a pull although it does not exist in my files.

Updated site again, missed removing the cache before starting services again.



I'm glad you fixed the issue. Thanks for posting your solution. We will add this info in the Discourse guide.

Hi I am getting the same error as after upgrading discourse on bitnami cloud am getting a blank page tried re upgrading but still getting the same blank page.

Hi @javatech

can you copy&paste (or share the guide that you followed) here?. I would like to be sure that they are the good ones.

Also, can you copy&paste the discourse production file located in stack_installation_directory/apps/discrouse/htdocs/logs/production_errors.log and stack_installation_directory/apps/discrouse/htdocs/logs/production.log ?

Best regards.

Okay thanks I've been able to get it back up although still checking.

Oks @javatech

If you find out what was happening, it would be great if you report it. It could be useful for other users in the future.