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The cpu load for our CouchDB instance looks very unhealthy and the CouchDB instance had crashed several times.
I have run the diagnostics tools - I would love to hear how we could analyse what is wrong.
We run a CouchDB server with 50-100 databases holding restaurant ordering data.

Load graph:

Server: t2.medium
Volume: io1, iops 200


Hi @wbison,

Thank you for using Bitnami. We are reviewing the information about the system that the Bitnami Support tool provides as well as checking the logs and permissions configuration. In the meantime, could you also check this troubleshooting section in case you can obtain more information? (it would be really useful if you run the ps commands during any of those CPU peaks)




Looking at the logs, it seems that the server is getting lots of requests (around 300 per minute). In this sense, I think the RAM size that the instance has (4 GB) is not enough to handle all the load. As you have a big dataset, my advice would be to upgrade your instance with higher specs.

Hope it helps

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Javier J. Salmerón

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