Developing a theme

What would be the best way to begin developing a Liferay theme with the Bitnami installation I have?

Hi @smangbuca,

We have found this official documentation:

I hope it is useful for you

I am unable to see my portal page on which i applied successfully a liferay theme .There is no issue with theme on my local setup though.The static files are not being retrieved i guess.Can you please suggest a solution or fix for this issue

Hi @rajesh_yalee,

It is strange, seems related to bad configuration or cache.
Could you check if those CSS files were successfully uploaded and created? For instance, the main.css file could be located at the following location:


Also, could you take a look if the following file was created?


I hope it helps to locate the error.

Hi @rajesh_yalee,

did you fix this issue with the Liferay Theme? I have the same problem in my Bitnami instance.

Thank you!

Hi @fco_poncecruz,

Could you check if the files mentioned by @marcos exist and also let us know their permissions attributes?


Hi @gongomgra,

I fixed it…

I saw error messages from browser and I noticed that theme was trying to reach a resource located on bitnami-ip/theme_folder, instead of bitnami-ip/liferay/theme_folder. I found this post from James Falker

So I changed default URL as it is described on Bitnami documentation. Same error was present in more portlets such as Chat and PdfViewer, it fixed all of them in my bitnami instance.

It works for me, hope it helps. Thanks!

Francisco Ponce

Hi @fco_poncecruz,

Thanks for letting us know and for sharing the link to that post. We will look into the issue and act accordingly.

Best regards,