Deploy Tomcat 9 on Google Cloud

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Tomcat 10 introduces breaking changes for anything related to Spring. These are to be addressed in Spring 6, but ETA is unknown. (details see here: How do I deploy the latest version of the Tomcat Stack with 9 to Google Cloud? The strategy outlined here: Last Tomcat release with MySQL for switching versions unfortunately doesn’t work on Google Cloud. Would it be possible to either i) Make the last version available in Cloud Marketplace or ii) Provide directions as to how to downgrade from the new stack to the old stack with command line? THANK YOU!

Hello @mattsignup,

You could try to lunch a new Google instance and install Tomcat 9 there. Find below the link to the installer:

You could tun these commands:

sudo /opt/bitnami/ stop
wget ""
chmod +x ./
sudo ./ --mode unattended --prefix /opt/bitnami --base_password bitnami --apache_server_port 80 --base_mail --enable_banner 1 --logrotate_install 1 --monit_install 1

I hope it helps

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