Dependencies needs to be installed with bitnami reviewboard

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Hi Team Bitnami,

Would you please list out all the dependencies that I need to install with review board?

How do I make the extension menu work, means I want to add extensions(comment categorization) , would you please help me out?

Thanks and Regards,
Nilanjan Sen


You do not need to install anything with Reviewboard, there are some extensions (as you said) that can extend some Reviewboard functionalities.

In order to install it on a windows system you must follow these steps:

  • In the Start Menu go to Bitnami ReviewBoard Stack entry and open Use Bitnami Reviewboard Stack.
  • A command prompt will be open with all the needed env vars preload. Once there you can install a Reviewboard extension following its documentation, but avoid to type sudo. i.e. from comments extension ( you must type just easy_install -U rbcommenttype.
  • Then you need to restart the servers (you can do it via the graphical interface)
  • Go to your Reviewboard extensions page YOUR_IP/reviewboard/admin/extensions/ and click Scan for installed extensions, the Comment Categorization must appear on that page.

Hope it helps.

Best regards,
Silvio Fernández

Thank you so much Silvio. I was really stuck adding rbcommenttype extension. Now I am able to add types in comment. If possible would you please help me out in the following things

I want to add Review Request Columns e.g

  • Source Code Type
  • Ranking : Major/Minor etc.
    So when someone is requesting for a review he can select this values from drop down and raise the request

When Reviewer is reviewing he can choose some comment types same as comment categorization, but there should be multiple values ’
for example for a particular LOC that is added, he should be able to select some classes e.g

  1. Missing
  2. Extra (superfluous)
  3. Ambiguous
  4. Inconsistent
  5. Improvement desirable
  6. Not conforming to standards
  7. Risk-prone
  8. Factually incorrect
  9. Not implementable
  10. Editorial etc.

If you know how to get this thing done please give me an example.

Thanks a lot again.

Nilanjan Sen


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Best regards,
Silvio Fernández

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