Deletion failed: Could not fully remove the theme or any plugin

Type: Bitnami Support Tool

I have installed Bitnami lamp stack to my cloud server using the Linux package. And I have configured WordPress on it. However site working fine, but I can’t delete anything which are pre-installed with Wordpress.

When first I was installed Wordpress, it was prompting to configure FTP connection for installing plugin/themes, so as for deleting. But I have inserted the code [define('FS_METHOD', 'direct');] snippet on wp-config.php file.

Now when I delete any preinstalled plugin it showing, Deletion failed: Could not fully remove the theme Twenty Nineteen.

Hi @prowebtipsindia

Thanks for using Bitnami!

Thank you for creating this ticket in the forum, however this is not a “Bitnami Support Tool” question, this is a technical issue with the services inside the Bitnami WordPress solution. Please create a new ticket in the forum using the “Technical issue” option when clicking on “+ New Topic”.

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