Delete temp files on Alfresco

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Does anyone know what these temporary files contain?


Can I delete them without any problem?

Sep 19 22:58 upload_46dd79d9_43d8883_400c_b998_00000060.tmp
Sep 19 13:07 WFSTInputIterator90418073608507889826665.sorted
Sep 19 13:03 WFSTInputIterator182566646546454555555406.input
Sep 18 13:07 WFSTInputIterator40155388658978977978946695659.sorted

I need to free up my root disk.

Hello @maricielo.lopez,

I don’t recognize the folder /opt/bitnami/apache-tomcat/, it a folder you created, or are you referring to /opt/bitnami/apache? It seems that is related to an issue with Alfresco itself and that they can be deleted without issue, though they recommend first stop the processes:

sudo /opt/bitnami/ stop

For a more in-depth explanation or a long-term solution I suggest you to create an issue on their forums so they can work on a solution for this.

Francisco de Paz

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