Default User Created While Setting Up WP through AWS

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I created a new account using AWS and that naturally created a default admin user as “user”. Now I successfully created another admin profile, with that can I delete this default user. Would it affect anything?

Hi @nadeem.ahmed82,

I think you are referring to your AWS account, right? I think you won’t find issues but you can confirm with the AWS team to know more about this.

If you refer to the WordPress application: if you created a new admin user inside the application, there shouldn’t be any issue if you removed the default user we create. You can manage the application using that new one you created. If you want to be sure that you can recover your site easily in case something goes wrong, you can create a backup before removing the user

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Thank you very much for the reply. One of the challenges that I was facing is that I wasn’t able to update an email address for the administrator. I read a few posts by bitnami, I added smtp and everything but it still doesn’t work. I also had a look at the PHP admin to see if what it shows, it shows the email address i want but then Wordpress doesn’t accept it. It says that previous request is pending where as i haven’t received and email on that.

Hello @nadeem.ahmed82

By default, all AWS EC2 and Lightsail instances have port 25 (SMTP) blocked. You have to request the removal of this restriction. Check AWS documentation:

Hi @nadeem.ahmed82,

This guide explains how to configure the SMTP settings in WordPress

It also includes a troubleshooting section in which you can find other SMTP services you can use when configuring the application.

If you need to configure the email address of your user, you can follow the instructions here

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Thanks, Daniel. I tried setting up the SMTP, it still doesn’t work. I have just tried requesting the removal of the restriction. Let’s see how that goes.

This one didn’t help at all. I have requested AWS to remove restrictions on emails and I am just waiting to see if that helps.
After setting up SMTP, it gave the following error.

EMAIL DELIVERY ERROR: the plugin WP Mail SMTP v2.4.0 logged this error during the last time it tried to send an email:

Mailer: Other SMTP
SMTP Error: Could not authenticate.
Consider running an email test after fixing it.

Hi @nadeem.ahmed82,

Did you check the troubleshooting guide?

You can find there the information about other SMTP providers that can help you debug the issue and check if there is something wrong in the application or in the configuration.

I found an alternative solution to his.

In EC2 security instance, i added 2 rules to security group of the instance.

This instantly worked.

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