Database transfer from another computer

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I have a backup file, I installed a new version. Even I try to change the ins directory name but the database folder is being created by the program automatically.

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I got my backup from bitnami_redmineplusagile 4.1.0-8. I installed on a new laptop redmine 4.1.0-9. Because some of the plugins doesn’t work in this version which I need. After succesfully install the program and the plugins and I uploaded the database using the following links.

Especially during the uploading I used the “bitnami_redmine” name in the command. But nothing canged.

mysql -u root -p -D bitnami_redmine < backup_20200305.sql

The result as seen

I could see the folder as seen and it is not empty. How could I use this?
I foundsomething in the documentation but acc to my experience it seems heavy.

I think this is possible but I couldn’t manage.

Is there anybody who may help and explain a little bit detailly?

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Hi @kamilafacan,

I think the Redmine+Agile database backup checks for the bitnami_redmineplusagile database existence and it creates it in case it is not present. What you can try is to import the entire bitnami_redmineplusagile database and then change the database name in the Redmine config file to start using the bitnami_redmineplusagile database instead of bitnami_redmine. Apart from that, and from your other thread, remember that migrating Redmine (or Redmine + plugins) requires to also migrate the plugins folder.

You can get more information about the migration process at

Hi @gongomgra

I will try this procedure especially to learn it. During this trials it is a little bit confusing in the documentation that I couldn’t find some commands. When I search if it is correct, sudo is a Linux command. Also I couldn’t find any file for the apache start.

Is it so or my installation is lack of some files or structure?

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Hi @kamilafacan,

I thought that would be a more generic guide including the options for all the different Operating Systems, sorry. For Windows, you will need to stop/start/restart the services from the control manager as explained in the next guide instead of using the from the command line.

For creating the “application backup” .tar.gz files you can stop the services and create a .zip file using the Windows builtin utilities as explained at

For the rest of the commands (mysql, rake, etc.), you will need to use the Bitnami Console

I tried this option a lot of times. It works very well. But everybody shall be very carefull and looked at the log files of compression program. If they reports some files can not be added due to their usage by another application, this means that your backup won’t work, no need to continue. Wait till all the servers stops comletely then you shall start the zip issue.

Thank you very much. This alternative acc to the computer speed tooks only half an hour.

Your sincerely

Hi @kamilafacan,

Yes, if any process is using a file, the zip process won’t work. Hope the migrate process worked for you.

Hello I found the way transferring.
For different installation like birnami_redmine and bitnami_redmineplusagile (for me) when you try to upload data from one to the other, mysql creates database with the original name (bitnami_redmineplusagile in bitnami_redmine). In this case bitnami redmine couldn’t reach the old database due to the name and folder.

when you enter the redmine ( you will the main page like. (I don’t know the oteer methods to reach phpMyAdmin) all steps written on the screenshots.
This method worked and I managed to turn from RedminePlusAgile to Redmine and to use the old database and structure.

Hope it works. ealthy days to everybody, thanks @gongomgra.



Hi @kamilafacan,

Thanks for the info. I’m glad you fixed your issue! We will close this thread as solved. Please do not hesitate to open a new one with any other questions you may have.