Custom commits for bitnami phabricator?

Hi everyone,

I really appreciate what Bitnami has done with Phabricator in terms of ease of deployment but I would like to extend the class PhabricatorMailReceiver to suit my project needs. I’ve already spoken to evan priestley regarding our use case and the only way we can get it to work is by implementing it ourselves (which I am 100% comfortable).

So I see that the latest commit on /apps/phabricator/htdocs is 33a3bbbd7a3a41831446b6b47b6a6e8fb0dbef69 which is submitted on March 8th.

I plan on forking phacility/phabricator’s repo, reverting to 33a3bbbd7a3a41831446b6b47b6a6e8fb0dbef69, and add the new changes on top. After that I will change my bitnami instance to point to my forked repo rather than phacility’s.

Is this a good idea? Or should I update my current phabricator instance to the latest commit? Has the latest changes broken bitnami’s phabricator yet?

Hi @vng,

First of all take into account that we include git files so you can do everything you would do if you had done a manual git clone of the repository.

I recomend you to do a full backup before proceeding:

<installdir>/ stop
tar zcvf ~/phabricator-backup.tar.gz <installdir>/

Then you can go to <installdir>/apps/phabricator/htdocs and do git pull. If you have any problems do the following:

git stash
git pull
git stash pop

After this point you can fork, branch or whatever. Hope it helps.

Hi just want to say that you can’t perform database migration if ctlscript has stopped mysql. thanks

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Hi @vng,

Yeah, sorry and thanks for pointing that. If you want to also migrate the databse, you’ll need to do it before stoping the servies :wink: