Custom application not loading, instead going to default application

Keywords: LAMP/MAMP/WAMP - AWS - Technical issue - Application configuration

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I have a couple of applications setup on the LAMP LightSail instance I’m running - but for some reason one of them loads the default app instead of loading itself.

I’m assuming that has to do with the vhosts/conf files - but I can’t see any different between them. A site that works is:
But the site not working is:

(I think the diagnostic tool let’s you see the actual url’s, but it not - let me know)

Any help is appreciated - thanks,


Hi @shane.miner,

I can see you created new vhost files for that test.***.org domain. However, I can see some of the existing files use * (asterisk) to configure the ServerAlias

2:	ServerAlias *

The asterisk is a placeholder and you should not be using it as “all domains” match with that. Could you please edit that file, set the correct domain for that vhost and restart Apache? Let us know if everything works fine after that.

I think that fixed it. Thanks,