Ctlscript.sh missing from PostgreSQL with Replication

Hi @val789,

Thanks for your suggestions. Unfortunately, there isn’t any easy option to update the components we build, except for our container images. For the rest of the assets, including the Multi-tier solutions, the only option to upgrade components is to launch a new server including the new version and migrate the data as explained in our guide below


Ok I understand this requies a substantial documention effort but I think it should be must have

There are actual instructions for updating a deployment at https://cloud.google.com/deployment-manager/docs/step-by-step-guide/updating-a-deployment

So I think it is not infeasible, it mostly requires documentation and that the startup scripts are able to handle the case or re-deploying an existing app and updating the files that have changed.

Thanks for the information. I’ll ping the team to review this in case we can follow it to update our solutions. In that case, we will update the documentation with the information.

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