Ctlscript.sh Execution by root not allowed

Keywords: WordPress - Microsoft Azure - Technical issue - Secure Connections (SSL/HTTPS)
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Hello @pk.mishra,

The installer configures the server permissions accordingly if you have isntalled as root or not. It seems you don’t installed Wordpress as root. If you want to start Apache in the 80 and 443 port, I would recommend you to install it the Stack as root to avoid permissions issues.


How can I Re-install Bitnami WAMP stack again?

Hi @pk.mishra,

This second question is not related to the first one. At the beginning, you reported a problem with the ctlscript.sh file in Azure but now you are asking about the WAMP stack (only available for Windows). Could you please let us know the Bitnami stack and the platform you are using?

If you want to install WAMP, you can uninstall the one you have in your machine right now and download the latest version from here


Once you have the file, run it to install the WAMP solution in your computer.

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