Cron job setup on windows 7

I am using the mautic 2.9 software on my 32 bit windows 7 laptop

I tried to use the basic guide to set up Cron job but it says something about invalid argument :C/bitnami/mautic/htdoc/app/console

Please can someone tell me how to either use the windows task scheduler to make a cron job schedule or how to use the administrator command.


Hi @vashnisoffice,

You can take a look at this guide to know how to configure a task in Windows.

This Mautic’s forum’s thread might also help you configure those jobs but please take a look also to the official documentation.

Happy to help!

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No wasn’t helpful but I was able to use the command line, it seems your official documentation on Windows Cron job mautic command has some errors. A bitnami worker in another thread gave the right command though,

So I solved the issue, thanks anyway.

Do you mean this guide?

Could you please let me know what commands you used so our documentation team can update the guide? I understand you are using the latest version of the Bitnami solution, right?