Couldn't find default admin login

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I was not asked for any administrator password to set during the installation process of Redmine.
So I could’t login Redmine with admin.
Then I tired any advices & answers on the Web like below.

I couldn’t find to the Bitnami icon in the bottom right corner on the Redmine site.
And I tried to login with Admin

My Question: how to log into Redmine (OSX) Adminin Account ?

I installed Redmine OS X VM 64-bit (4.2.3-38) on my Mac pc.

Hi there.

I was able to find another way to run Redmine on VirtualBox.
So I accessed to Administration on Redmine successfully.

Great!! :slight_smile:

Just for the record, you can find the credentials to use here:

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Hi @jota.

Thank you for teaching me.
I’ve never seen it.
I’ll try it later.


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