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Hello, I ran a GTmetrix scan and noticed that the site is not using “Cookie-free domains”. Upon doing some research on the internet, I found the following articles:

I added a CNAME entry ‘static’ and followed the directions to configure the wp-config.php file and then added the following 2 lines of code where I replaced ‘domain’ with the website’s domain:

define(“WP_CONTENT_URL”, “”);
define(“COOKIE_DOMAIN”, “”);

I proceeded to restart the server and ran the GTmetrix scan again; however, the scan still shows that I am not using cookie-free domains for the same 25 components.

Please advise.

Hi @bonu,

Can you share the results with us and can you confirm that the non-cookie-free domains are owned by you? Please note that if you are using information from other domains that you do not own, you can’t do anything to resolve this issue.



Sure, here are the results:

Please note the list of domains it references (only 2 are from other domains and the rest are owned by me):

Hi @bonu,

Where did you add those 2 lines? At the end of the file? You probably need to add them before the “Happy blogging” line for them to take effect. The WordPress support team should provide you more information about how to configure that and how to solve the issues you find.

You will solve the issues related to your domain but can’t fix the other domain issues.

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