Connectivity to S3 within the same VPC (AWS)

Keywords: General - AWS - Technical issue - Secure Connections (SSL/HTTPS)
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I am using a bitnami certified version of Grafana running on debian, trying to read some external pictures stored on a S3 bucket on AWS infrastructure and it seems that the outbound traffic doesnt follow a clear path from the application? If i SSH into the EC2 instance and try to get the picture from shell, I can get it. But if I link the picture from the grafana server app, then it will return 403 forbidden. It seems that the grafana application is using an external proxy or similar? How do I resolve the IP addresses which will access the S3 bucket as I dont want to have this bucket publicly accessible?

Hi @ClaudioBaldo,

Could you ask in the official Grafana forum? Your question does not seem related to the Bitnami configuration.


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