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I installed redmine by using bitnami and assigned people to project but assigned people can not connect the project. How can I connect host pc with the other computers?

Hi @ozgurcancal3345,

Thanks for using Bitnami. If you installed Redmine on your computer, other computers in the same network (for example, at your office), would need to visit your Windows’ machine IP address to see the Redmine website.


You can get your IP address by running the next command in the cmd.exe terminal


If your other teammates are in a different location, then they will need to visit your public IP address. Note some extra steps would be required on your side for this to work, as redirecting ports 80 and 443 (Apache defaults) in your router, and also allowing remote connections in the Windows’ firewall.

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Hi @gongomgra,
I tried your suggestion but I failed. What should be possible reasons? Is there any configuration should I apply to other computers? or Should I install anything else except bitnami redmine setup file ? (I used Ethernet adapter VirtualBox Host-Only Network IPv4 Address for connection).

Hi @ozgurcancal3345,

If you are using a virtual machine, you need to configure its network using “bridge” mode so it can be reached from other computers in the same network.

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