Connectivity Issues on port 8080

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I’m using a LAMP 7.3.28-7 server.
I have a spring-boot application running on port 8080.
The connection to MariaDB has been established correctly. Easy to check considering hibernate has created the tables associated with the entities I’ve defined.
I can access phpMyAdmin through a tunnel and check the dataBase has been correctly set up by the service.
Doing curls through the command line towards localhost:8080/endpoint retrieves the expected result.
Using a postman app I’m attempting to debug this connection. So far, requests on port 80 to the server result in an HTML, thus apache is working fine.
However, requests to this IP through the port 8080 completely time_out.
Any idea on why this happens and how to fix it?


Did you open the port 8080 in the firewall?

Happy to help!

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