Connect to mariadb with web client (phpMyAdmin) or with an appliction (MySQL Workbench)

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For upgrade purpose I’ve installed a new Redmine instance with Bitnami Launchpad.

I need to connect the new database to import data from the old one.

Because I’m not comfortable with terminal command, I wonder if I could connect and manage data update through a graphical interface.

It seems that phpMyAdmin is not installed anymore.
I’ve tried to connect with MySQL Workbench but I can’t find the correct connection settings.

Thank you

Hi @simon.delmotte,

To connect to MySQL, we suggest you use a SSH tunnel and access the database securely. If you do not know how to do it, you will need to modify the bind-address parameter in the MariaDB’s settings to allow remote connections and then open the port in the firewall.

It’s just one command and you shouldn’t have problems when using the command line

mysqldump -u root -p --databases bitnami_redmine --add-drop-database > /tmp/redmine-backup/bitnami_redmine.sql

I don’t know how to create ssh tunnel for mySQL database connection.
I was nevertheless able to connect to the Redmine database as follows:

  • modification of the mariaDB configuration file to comment out the line bind_address =
  • add rule in instance security group in AWS to open port 3306
  • using the DBeaver application to connect to the database because mySQL Workbench does not accept connection without SSL
    I am well aware that this configuration is not secure but it is for a one-off need and I will reset the configuration to default once the migration is complete.

Thank you

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