Configuring Phabricator to accept inbound email

Hi everyone, I am trying to configure Bitnami’s Phabricator to handle inbound emails detailed in here:

Basically I am trying to be able to forward email messages to a particular task in Phabricator. For example, I would like to forward an important email to T51@ so that those who are in watching the task can see a comment with the email body attached.

I don’t know if I need to integrate mailgun, sendgrid or do my local MTA for my bitnami configuration.

Can someone help?

Hi @vng;

It have nothing to do with Bitnami configuration if you follow the Phabricator Guide to use Sendgrid:


We will continue solving this in the following topic:


nvm I switched over to mailgun and everything works

Hi @vng,

I’m glad you managed to fix the problem. Please do not hesitate and come back if you have any other problem.