Configure wordpress multisite with different domain

Keywords: WordPress Multisite - Microsoft Azure - Technical issue - Application configuration

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i followed multisite/configuration/configure-wordpress-multisite/ . I want to achieve SCENARIO 2: You want multiple websites/blogs at different domains eg. a website at and another at

inside the article i followed Add Several WordPress Multisite Blogs With Different Domains.

but when tries to add the second domain I obtain MISSING OR INVALID SITE ADDRESS. I need help as soon as possible.

Hi @cb1,

Thank you for using our solution. That’s a specific question about the application so we suggest you ask in the official forums of the application to get more information about that. The app’s documentation should also describe how to achieve what you want to, so please take a look at it too.

However, we will also keep this ticket open in this forum in case any Bitnami user configured the application they way you want to.


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