Configure RabbitMQ for connectivity outside EKS cluster

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I am trying to deploy RabbitMQ to and EKS cluster in AWS and everything seems to be deploying successfully but now I need to make both the UI and amqp ports available to services outside the cluster.

I have set the service type to LoadBalancer and the loadBalancerSourceRanges to the correct CIDR range but I still can’t connect to. I must be missing something simple but I can’t see what.

I’d appreciate any help to get this working!



We provide technical support for our containers in our Github repositories. Our team is actively monitoring them and will be glad to help you there, usually within a business day, and the whole community will benefit from your contribution. Could you please post your question by creating a new issue in the rabbitMQ repo?



Thanks for that, I have put the question in to github


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