Configure pygments on phabricator VM

Hi everyone,

I have installed Phabricator VM, activated pygments, but the environement path seems to be broken, can anyone tell me where to find pygments and set it up the right way ?

Thanks in advance !

Hi @vicic_nicolas
Could you try this workaround from this community post?

We already have Pygments binary file downloaded, but you will have to enable it manually. To add Pygments to your PATH, open the following file:


Next, add the following folder to the PATH variable:


So you will have something like:


Hope it helps you.

Thank you for your answer,

With this problem, I had the chance to try another bug tracking softwares, I find redmine is far more easy to set up, so I chose to abandon phabricator :smile:

I hope your answer will help other Phabricator users ! :smile:

Hi @vicic_nicolas,

Feel free to come back and ask if you find any issue with redmine! :smile: