Cloud9/Bitnami Node CPU issue

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? Apache: Found possible issues

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This happens:

1- deploy a bitnami lamp stack (2Gb ram or more)
2- install cloud 9 following amazon documentation
3 - get phpmyadmin or whichever and make an empty mysql database and a couple empty tables
4- send 20 httprequest per second to different php files (say, 5 to 10 different ones?) where each one of them makes a SELECT query to those tables (use another server, whichever, to do this cronjob)
5- open the Cloud9 IDE environment and watch the CPU get’s stuck on high from node.

On the bitnami support tool it tells me there’s several connections form the same IP which is correct, it’s a sandbox with different simulators, sending requests.

the ps shows this:

bitnami@ip-172-26-15-176:~$ ps -eo pid,ppid,%mem,%cpu,cmd --sort=-%cpu | head
 2378  2377  3.1 36.8 vfs-worker {"pingInterval":5000,"nodePath":"/home/bitnami/.c9/node_modules","tmuxBin":"/home/bitnami/.c9/bin/tmux","r
9_USER":"gabrieldasilva","C9_PROJECT":"EvoShop DB","C9_PID":"86929571a7ef4358a37836bc73591684"},"useVfsLoaderCache":false,"environmentId":"
serId":"AIDA3W6IR44R6BOYG3ABZ","name":"gabrieldasilva"},"project":{"workspaceId":"86929571a7ef4358a37836bc73591684","name":"EvoShop DB","ty
pe":"ssh"},"environment":{"id":"86929571a7ef4358a37836bc73591684","name":"EvoShop DB","type":"ssh","ideTemplateName":"Cloud9 Amazon Linux",

Furthermore, I have been in paid support with AWS the whole month and they reproduced this issue themselves.

There IS an issue. Is there a setting that could avoid the node to be stuck on high cpu usage when cloud9 is started? it shoudl spike cpu and go back to normal.


Hi @gabrieldasilvamusic,

Thank you for using Bitnami. However, that vfs-worker process is part of the Cloud9 application and we do not provide support for that.

I found on the internet other threads talking about the consumption of that process in different deployments.

However, I suggest you contact the Cloud9 developers to know if there is any known bug in the application that is causing that problem. They will also provide you useful guides to follow to configure the application correctly.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the Bitnami solution.


hi Jota,

the vfs-worker is inside the node, when I ‘top’ it just says node not vfs worker.

Like I said I was the whole month with AWS support and cloud9 support, they claim it’s a bitnami issue and they do not offer support.

Now you say it’s not a bitnami issue and you offer no support.

Cloud9 uses the same node as bitnami, and that’s the node that is shown on the processes stuck on high cpu usage when I have several connections with db queries.

There must be a bug somewhere.

Do you need to screenshots from AWS paid support saying it’s not Cloud9 and they tested and it’s bitnami?

Hi @gabrieldasilvamusic,

This can’t be a Bitnami issue. Please note that the process that is using the CPU is not deployed or configured by us. The application/process uses Node.js and many node modules to work and we do not include that process or any of those node modules in the LAMP solution by default. I understand you installed node in the machine and then deployed the application manually following a guide, right?

I just launched the latest version of the Bitnami LAMP solution and confirmed we are not including Node.js in the solution

       ___ _ _                   _
      | _ |_) |_ _ _  __ _ _ __ (_)
      | _ \ |  _| ' \/ _` | '  \| |

  *** Welcome to the Bitnami LAMP 7.4.21-13                                ***
  *** Documentation: ***
  ***                            ***
  *** Bitnami Forums:                       ***
bitnami@bitnami-lampstack-8484:~$ which node
bitnami@bitnami-lampstack-8484:~$ node --version
-bash: node: command not found

We do not need screenshots to help you but please note that, as I mentioned before, this is not a process we configure and do not know how to debug the issue. The developers of the application should know more about how their application works (and all its dependencies obviously).


I am astounded. You have to see this:

AWS blaming Bitnami

Hi @gabrieldasilvamusic,

We do not cause CPU blocks or high usage in our instances. Please note that we use a Debian 10 image and include the different components our stacks need to run. In the case of LAMP, we do not include node so it may be the case that the Node.js version you installed in the machine has a bug and you need to use a different one.

To confirm if there is a problem with Bitnami or not, you can stop all the services in the machine

sudo /opt/bitnami/ stop

and install Node.js and Apache using the system packages and configure the application using them. After that, you can investigate if you continue running into the same issues when using the application.

Thanks Jota.

Cloud9 tech team says it’s a Bitnami issue and Bitnami say it’s a Cloud9 issue.

Would would you do?

I tried several diff node versions including the ones on Cloud9 posted as ‘required’

All the exact same.

it is not possible to replicate the issue with bitnami off, the Cloud9 works fine with bitnami stopped.

Please read what I wrote in the topic start. the LAMP stack needs to be started for this issue to start

Do you have any suggestion?

i have to post again as I can’t find an edit button,

  • I stopped bitnami with the shell
  • entered my cloud9
  • node cpu usage was only 0%-0.3% with command ‘top’
  • i start bitnami shell, and node goes back to big cpu usage with command ‘top’

Any ideas?

Hi @gabrieldasilvamusic,

Did you follow the steps @jota described here:

To confirm if there is a problem with Bitnami or not, you can stop all the services in the machine and install Node.js and Apache using the system packages and configure the application using them. After that, you can investigate if you continue running into the same issues when using the application.


I got Cloud9 team looking into it again, I will update you!

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