Choosing the right size server for Moddle

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Hello community, I’ve been tasked with creating Moodle in our Azure tenant and I have been researching for a few days now.

We will be providing Moodle for around 500 users for clinical training for our mental health workers here in the UK.

I’m trying to find out what the recommended server selection would be for Azure. Or even if I can get an idea of disk size processor requirements etc.

I’m very new to all this and don’t have much experience with deploying VMs in Azure. I’d be grateful if anyone in the community can offer any advice?

Many thanks

Hi, @stephen.clark.

Thank you for using Bitnami. As what we do is package already existing applications, this question would be more appropriate in the Moodle community (, as there you should be able to find many users running Moodle for different purposes.


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