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I have exo platform running on my local my machine. Exo is running solo on my machine and everything works fine :wink:
Fact: when I access my machine’s domain name (‘http://my.machine.bla) through a browser it redirects to exo’ login page (‘http://my.machine.bla/portal/login’).
Question 1: may I create another page (“mycustompage”) to run under “portal/” (i.e, ‘my.machine.bla/portal/mycustompage’) ?
Question 2: if “1” is “yes”, may I change the redirection done by the server (from the root to “portal/login”) to do it to “portal/mycustompage” instead?

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Hi @chbrandt,

We suggest you create a virtual host to not to modify the current configuration of eXo. This way you will be able to access your application using and your custom page using

This is an example about how to create a Virtual Host for WordPress but the steps should be the same for eXo. Remember to set the ServerAlias and ServerName variables when configuring the VirtualHost.

Let us know if you have any questions about this process.


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HI @jota

I want to redirect exo platform application after login.
Currently when user is login it redirects to home page.
Is there any way to redirect to user’s dashboard after login??

Thanks in Advance !!!


Hi @aswin.kannan94,

Thanks for using Bitnami. This is a very specific question related to the eXoPlatform application. Could you please check its official support forums? I run a little search there and it looks like your question was already asked. Please find below the link to the search results

Hope it helps,